Stand-alone systems

Enjoy your independance thanks to an environmentally friendly energy supply
with solar off-grid systems from SUNSET!
Solar off-grid installations are not only suitable for the energy supply of weekend cottages or holiday homes, but also for campers or yachts.

These systems also offer a more ecological and often more economical solution for the energy supply of schools, hospitals, community centres, hotels and private houses under this world's sun.

Solar off-grid systems have improved the quality of life of many people in many parts of the world:
  • installation of electrical light
  • access to modern modes of communication
  • possibility to use refridgerators for medicines, etc.
Produce energy everywhere, where it is needed with the help of the sun. Amongst many other advantages of a SUNSET photovoltaic off-grid installation are their reliability, their eco-friendlyness, their independance and their durability. Explain your plans to one of our team and we will design a customized offer without commitment.

However, we need some detailed data for the dimensioning of an off-grid system. Please send us therefore the completely filled in questionnaire. Without the information described in it, we are not able to design a failsafe off-grid installation for you. Contact us - we will always help you to find the right solution!

Do you need more information on this subject matter? We will be glad to send you further information.

Stand-alone systems

Solar power sets

Open up your mind for an entirely new world of possibilities!
With our solar power sets you are able to produce energy everywhere where it is needed!

Solar Generators

We offer a large variety of solar generators in every possible power category in order to supply the proper solar generator for your requirements.

The following selection only shows a small part of our entire product range. Due to the low voltage of off-grid systems not every generator can be applied.

Mounting Systems

Almost all types of solar generators have an aluminium frame. Due to the frames the installation on any type of roof is possible. The frame can be drilled as needed to assure an easy and low-cost installation e.g. with an 90° aluminium angle.

Solar charge controller

A solar charge controller is recommended to every stand alone system, to ensure hight overall efficiency and a longer battery lifetime.
We can offer a wide range of different types of charge controllers

Sinus Inverters

All of our sine inverters generate energy which is as easy to use as if it came directliy out of the electrical socket. These devices convince with their high overload capacity and the real sine signal quality. More performance characteristics are:

Solar Batteries

The use of the right accumulator is a decision-making factor in a photovoltaic installation. The choice of the right battery depends on many different factors and influences the efficiency of your off-grid system significantly. We have the right battery system for every demand.
As there is a large variety of possibilities, we cannot go into detail for all our battery types. With the following batteries, we only want to present the most common types.

Deep well pump systems

Solar street light

Wind systems

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