Photovoltaic from SUNSET

How does solar technology work?

The principle is very simple:
the solar radiation produces a direct voltage in the solar generators, which is collected by the electrodes. The solar cell therefore produces electrical energy directly from sunlight. The direct voltage generated in this way is converted into the normal 230-volt mains voltage in the inverter and fed directly into the existing domestic power supply or the public power grid.

Where can solar energy be practically applied?

The energy yield can vary on orientation, roof inclination and local conditions
The annual solar radiation in Germany is completely sufficient for using solar energy. At our latitudes, one can expect an annual energy yield of approx. 800 to 1,000 kWh* with a 1 kWp in a grid connected system. In other countries or on other continents, even annual yields of up to 1.800 kWh are possible! Even if the sky is cloudy, our high-quality solar generators will generate energy.

Choose solar energy to meet your power-generation needs

Our performance-optimised complete systems offer you many advantages:
  • Conservation of fossil resources
  • Reduction in emissions by use of conventional energies
  • High annual yields thanks to consistent use of cutting-edge technology
  • Investment in a future technology with stable long-term profitability
  • Many years of maintenance-free operation thanks to the use of the latest products
Show your environmental awareness - choose a SUNSET solar system today! We have more than 30 years of experience in this industry and are your competent partner in all questions concerning solar power.
Profit from our long standing experience.
grid connected system

Complete systems

We as system suppliers are in a position to provide you on request with all the necessary components.
different technologies

Solar generators

We produce customized solar generators in different sizes, collors and shapes.
grid inverters


For grid connected inverters larger than 100 kWp, we also implement large central inverters, according to the system requiries and the local conditions.
Mounting Systems


We offer the suitable substructure for almost any type of roof.
for solar heating systems and photovoltaic

Data Visualization

To demonstrate the performance of your SUNSET solarsystem we can offer you different computer data logging systems
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