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Why Solar Technology?

  • Solar energy is renewable!
  • Solar energy is inexhaustible!
  • Solar energy is affordable for everyone!
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly!

The annual solar radiation in Germany is completely sufficient for using solar energy. With a solar installation for domestic hot water, you can save up to 70 % of the energy required for hot-water preparation each day - or even up to 100 % in the summer period.

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International Projecte


Solardach Costa Rica

Solardach Kairo

Solardach Jakarta

Solardach Namibia

Solardach Singapur

Solardach Türkei

Solardach Ecuador


Project Name : Sabab Lou, Gambia

The Sabab Lou farm in Gambia near Faraffenni established a dual education program where dedicated students (to this point 60 Students) can study all sorts of agricultural topics.



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