Solar heat from SUNSET

How does solar technology work?

The principle is very simple: solar energy heats the water in the solar circuit inside the collector. The closed solar system extends from the roof into the cellar and delivers the solar heat exchanger. The more solar collectors installed, the more solar energy is collected and is then available for heating domestic hot warer or supporting the heating system. Of course, combined systems for heating swimming pools can be realised in any size.

Where can solar technology be practically applied?

The annual solar radiation in Germany is completely sufficient for using solar energy. With a solar installation for domestic hot water, you can save up to 70% of the energy required for hot-water preparation each day - or even up to 100% in the summer period.

Moreover, additional energy can be recovered with a heating-support system. The average yield in Northern Germany is only slightly lowar than in Southern Germany. A solar installation always makes sense!

Choose Solar Energy to meet your power-generation needs.

  • conservation of fossil resources
  • reduction in emissions by avoiding boiler cycles
  • shorter running times mean longer maintenance intervals for the boiler
  • investment in a future technology
  • fully automated operation thanks to intelligent regulation

... and take the next logival step with combined systems

  • optimum thermal insulation and low-temperature heating allow energy savings up to 50%
  • maximum state support and cost optimisation
  • easy installation
  • very favourable price-performance ratio

Solar heat systems

Tap the sun with SUNSET's solar collectors

With our high efficient SUNSET solar collectors and their perfectly adjusted components, you have the possibility to use the sun's energy and get more independent from conventional energy sources. You can reduce your operating expense from the first day on and so, you will contribute to a healthier environment.

With a solar heating plant from SUNSET, you can safe every day up tp 60-70% of the energy required for the heating of your water, and during the summer period, you can even safe up to 100%!

With the longer endurance of the burners, the efficiency and the durability of the burners is increased - a convincing way to reduce costs in the domestic and the industrial sector.
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