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PPP-Project "SUNSENA", Columbia

A successful conclusion of a project in the framework of a German-Columbian cooperation between the German photovoltaics company SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH (SUNSET Solar) and the Columbian national educational institution SENA ("Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje").

In times where in Germany, almost every news about renewable energies is negative and where the industry is registering less and less installations, in other countries, renewable energies are only in their starting blocks. SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH, a medium-sized pioneer in the solar sector with headquarters in Adelsdorf (Germany), has already started activities in foreign countries very early. At the moment, great success can be announced from Columbia, where the company is strongly involved in the development process of photovoltaics.

In Decenber 2013, Columbia's first photovoltaic experimental and educational system was installed on the roof of the Centro de Electricidad, Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones (CEET) of the SENA in Bogotá, realised by an installation team of SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH, one of the leading German manufacturers and system suppliers for solar installations. This experimental/ educational installation is part of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) project SUNSENA, realised and financed in the context of one of sequa GmbH's develoPPP projects, in colaboration with the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and by SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH. The main objectives of this project are on the one side to strengthen the position of high quality products "Made in Germany" and the German know-how on the Columbian market and on the other side, to enlarge SUNSET's advantage in South America, with the help of the evaluation of these installations.

schulungsanlage bogota auf dem ceetOn the roof of the CEET, a grid connected photovoltaic installation is installed which feeds the energy directly into the power supply system of the educational centre, so that the centre's external energy consumption can be reduced by up to 6,500 kWh/ month. The installation consists in four subsystems of the same sizes, with different module technologies, so that a direct comparison of the different technologies is enabled. So, the performance of different system components can be studied under the Columbian climatic conditions, with the option to realise different adaptations to increase the energy output even more.

installation in puerto carrenoIn addition to the installation in Bogotá, another solar system has been installed in Puerto Carreño (Vichada), which can operate without connection to the public grid (off-grid), in order to present a solution for the existing power blackouts of this region. Slightly modified, the same installation can also be used for the energy supply in remote areas, where no grid is available. This would be an integral solution for the electrification of not interconnected regions of Columbia.

Hand in hand with the installation of the experimental/ educational systems, multiplicators of the SENA, as well as interested companies, energy suppliers and Columbian agencies were informed extensively about the photovoltaic technology and trained in several training courses. The training courses have been designed in a way that general knowledge on photovoltaics is transfered, and that a very high multiplier effect is achieved. SUNSET and SENA aim to develop educational programs on the basis of the trainings, so that the first step is made to a qualified training of solar professionals in Columbia.

multiplikatoren ppp sunsena vor der anlage in bogotaAnother important part of the project was the organisation of high-publicity events and the consultancy of political decision makers, in order to give them the possibility to implement the results of this project in current political discussions. So, the project also contributes to a sustainable long-term utilisation of the sun's energy potential in Columbia. Especially with off-grid installations, the integration of the proyect's knowledge can help to supply the country, and especially its rural, remote areas, with centralized or decentralized energy supply systems, as well as to modernize the political and economical basic conditions for a commercial utilisation of photovoltaics in Columbia.

On the 29th of April 2014, the eductaional centre in Bogotá was inaugurated under great public interest and in presence of Mrs. Dra. Gina Parody, chief executive officer of the SENA. During his speech at the inauguration, Dominik Hammer, head of the project and of the international sales department of SUNSET, called the project a milestone for the German-Columbian development colaboration and underlined again the sustainable effect the project is expected to generate.

An important, sustainable result of SUNSENA is the law 1715, passed shortly after the conclusion of the project, which forms the regulation basis for the integration of renewable, non conventional energies in the national energy supply system. For SUNSET, SUNSENA is one of many successful projects realised in the course of the last 10 years. The objective remains the same - to manifest German quality products, the technology, and also the company itself on a worldwide market.

  The sequa GmbH is a worldwide development organisation and has been closely working together with the German Economy since 1991, to realise programmes or projects with international colaboration. The sequa offers competence and experience in its four business segments Chambers and Associations, Development of the Private Sector, Professional Education and Social

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